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3v3 Youth Basketball League

4th- 8th Grade Girls

6th-10th Grade BOYS

Boys Dates: Saturdays  October 22, 29, November 5th and 12

Girls Dates:  Sundays October 23, 30, November 6th and 13th




  • [4] Guaranteed  Games 

  • T-shirt

  • Medals For Winners

  • Certified Referees

Benefits of 3v3 play.

  • Simplifies the game, making it easier to learn

3v3 helps to simplify the game because there are less kids being taught and less kids putting their learning into play on the court. When the game gets underway finding the open man or an opening to drive to the basket is much easier with less bodies on the court. 3v3 also removes the need for specific positions, giving kids less technical stuff to learn while they’re still mastering basic skills and game knowledge.

  • It’s great for overall development

In 3v3 basketball games there are no real positions so every player has to react to what’s going on in the game. This helps kids develop skills like defense, offense, spacing and how to move with the ball without relying solely on drills to teach them. 

  • More Touches, Increased engagement and activity

In 3v3 there is more opportunity for each player to get the ball in their hands. This naturally means more opportunity to learn how to make the quick decisions needed in bigger 5v5 games. Having more time with the ball means the player will improve much more than if they were playing 5v5 and hardly getting to touch the ball.

  • Gets all players involved

In a standard 5v5 game it’s easy to rely on stronger players to do the parts that some players might not be as good at. But in 3v3 there is no one to hide behind so all players get the opportunity to grow their game equally.

  • Breaks the game down into smaller, more easily teachable chunks

Breaking the game down into smaller, bite sized pieces makes it easier to teach kids different plays, moves and techniques. Introducing the pick & roll, screening away and how to back cut or v-cut to players in a 5v5 game just creates confusion because there’s too many other players on the court. 

  • More Opportunities to Score

When there’s less players on the court looking to get the ball, there is more opportunity for the kids playing to score. Scoring and winning isn’t everything, but it sure is fun!

  • 3 vs 3 Basketball is FUN!

And isn’t that really what youth sports is all about?

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Tatum is a professional, very serious about his craft and his product. He diagnoses my daughter's basketball game and pays diligence to crafting workouts that meet her individual needs. He also is detail oriented and does not allow my daughter to take short cuts or sell herself short.


Coach Tatum is the ultimate professional. He is passionate about the game, he's extremely knowledgeable, patient and dedicated. He trains my daughter for basketball, and I have noticed some tremendous gains; most notably in her ball handling skills, her court awareness, and in her overall skills development. What I'm most impressed with, is his ability to recognize her emotions, strengths and weaknesses and motivate her accordingly. He set defined goals, expressed these goals clearly, and acknowledges her success. Definitely one of the best.


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