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Skilled players are players who can play in any basketball system or style of play. The key ingredient is fundamentals . Eye hand coordination, proper posture, balance, stance, footwork, ball handling, shooting mechanics, muscle memory,etc. At every level of play the basics remain the same and players who may be from beginners to professional never lose focus of this.


We develop skills through developing good habits; we develop good habits by developing the right mindset; we develop the right mindset by developing the right beliefs – which is the way we develop basketball players. Basketball systems are connected with their coaches philosophies. Some coaches prefer creativity, some prefer set play, some prefer up tempo run and gun, and some prefer ball control. Each requires the player to be able adjust and play.


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Ball handling, dribble penetration, dribble handoffs, ball screens & moving without the ball

Up Tempo Play-

Defensive rebounding, outlet passes, ball handling, filling lanes, attack moves & finishing at or above the rim

Set Play-

Setting and using screens, reading the defense, shooting of the catch, scoring with 1-2 dribbles, getting open & playing out of triple threat

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The pure emotion that is felt when you are doing what you love. Its excitement, its joy, its the energy that comes from the core of who you are.

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Proper preparation prevents poor performance. The way we prepare allows for us to build confidence in what we do. Knowing that I have made this exact shot or this exact move thousands of times let’s me trust me.

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The game should be approached with a mentality that focuses on minute details, timelines, efficiency, benchmarks, goals, and evaluations to ensure the player develops consistently over time.

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People who are committed to getting better everyday tend be the ones who achieve desired skills and outcomes. They understand the process and refuse to stop because of fatigue,frailty or failure.


Health and wellness: The habits of being an athlete tend to stick with us for life. Studies have shown that athletes who compete at high levels tend to exercise 15 hours per week well after there playing days are done. They continue to focus on proper nutrition which supports their healthy lifestyles.


Basketball IQ: The ability to recognize, anticipate, perceive, create, communicate, and understand the way basketball should be played. This skill is often overlooked due to it not being one of the more exciting parts of the game. Basketball IQ can only be developed through rigorous training and studying of the game of basketball. Players who have basketball IQ love the details of the game, the strategies, they’re problem solvers , innovative and soul’s becomes one with the game.


Basketball Education: The better your foundation is the further you will go. Formal and informal education are available through basketball. Basketball teaches us how care for others, make sacrifices for the good people, take risks, to get back up when life knocks you down, to not be afraid of failure but to embrace challenges, and that working together can be better than working alone. Games are test that we take to see if we moving towards mastery of the skills we practice habitually everyday. Are the test more important than the lessons? Wins and losses matter but only to the extent of what you discover about yourself and team in the process.People remember winners far more than they remember losers.

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