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Purpose vs. Pleasure Written by Deonte Tatum

When you wake each day are you choosing to pursue your purpose or your pleasures? Choice, is something that every person is given. Two of the biggest reasons why we choose certain things goes back to purpose or pleasure. These two words are frequently at odds against each other. They both are battling for your time and energy. Daily one or the other will win.

Let’s begin with pleasure. Pleasure is something that brings you an emotional sense of enjoyment. When it’s used as adjective it is intended for entertainment and not for business. Young players who fall into the pleasure of game often find themselves wanting the same playing time as the person who puts in countless hours of work. I get that people have issue with specialized sport, however the reality is those players become good players. I personally struggle with players who say the love the game and go weeks without working or put others things before doing what they love. This game requires great commitment, sacrifice, and dedication. Remember dreams are just dreams when you don’t put the work behind them.

Purpose makes you intentional. Players with purpose make decisions from internal desire. When you wake up each morning your purpose should drive your schedule. We all know each day we have to care of the “have too’s” like Jay Bilas stated should prioritize you faith, family, Living on purpose puts things in allignment with what you want now and in the future. As a young player I wanted. to play college basketball, so in while i was in high schooli played with college basketball players 3-4 days a week after school at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. During these battles withthese olders players i learned how to compete, areas of my that game needed to grow, and that if i wanted to play where they where playing i better work hard. When you move with purpose you you choose to work on good days or bad days and find joy in the difficult parts of the journey.

Everyday you are giving a choice and a opportunity. Pleasure or purpose? Follow your purpose daily and it'll lead you closer to your dreams. Follow your pleasures and what's easy it'll push you further away from dreams. You choose. Remeber the way you play is the way you live!

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