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The convenience trap! Written by Deonte Tatum

I grew up in a neighborhood with a convenience store. When I was younger I’d run there before and after school to buy snacks for school with the couple of dollars my parents gave me. I could normally get a zebra cake, a 35 cent soda, a bag of Penny Candy and a bag of chips. When I hit the age of 9 or 10 my father started taking us to Walmart in Germantown, WI which was about 15-20 miles from our house In Milwaukee. I noticed very quickly that the 5 dollars my father gave me stretched further at Walmart than at my Neighborhood convenience store. Going to Walmart on Friday became a family event for us. It also became the first time I began to think about how shopping at the corner store cost me more because it was convenient.


Players who think they will get ahead when they conveniently go about their work won’t last long. Becoming a real player will Interrupt many of the ordinary things you would ordinarily get

to do. Players must decide to make the sacrificial offering of their time, energy, emotion, body, and mind to reach toward their higher calling. Becoming the best player you can become does not come by way of convenience.

Why does convenience get in the way? One reason I believe convenience is trap is because it’s easy and quick. Any successful player will tell you that discipline is crucial for succes. When you conveniently do something you will make marginal gains that will feel great for a moment but those marginal gains will be inconsistent. This inconsistency will lead you to the point of frustration. Have you ever seen a player who goes into the gym and gives 60% effort and then when they’re required to give 100% struggle to show up in big games?


Success comes from daily decisions made by putting first things first. In Sean Covey’s book 7 Habits for Highly Successful Teens, he has a principle called putting first things first. This Principle helps people prioritize the things you must do. Learning to align your priorities with your passion is essential to eliminate convenience. Prioritization allows for you weigh each decision against the other. Its up to you choose the best option for you.

Tatum’s Tip for avoiding the convenience trap.

1. Make sure that what you’re doing you’re serious about it.

2. Ask yourself how bad you really want what you say want.

3. Identify the excuse/s you are giving way to thats limits you becoming the best version of you.

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-Deonte Tatum

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