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The need for player development!

In this weeks blog, I’m looking to set the record straight for any player who believes that their talent will make their dreams comes true. Talent is what the outside world sees and says they make the game look easy. Raw Talent is what you walk into the door with But mature talent takes hours, days, months, and years to develop. Their are some players who decide very early on what they want and quickly start the necessary process to reach the dream. What have you decided?


Talent is very deceptive thing if you don’t learn how to train and discipline it. Their are some talented people who wake up and do things that people wish they could do. I remember working with a high school football player in the weight room and he had recently started to lift weights before we began. With in months he was bench pressing over 300 pounds. It was amazing! However there was something missing. The process! Sometimes when things come to easy we learn not to work as hard as we need to. This is an absolute danger for anyone looking to have or maintain a high level of success. I know that suffering produces perseverance, persevseance, character, character, hope, and hope does not put us to shame. We must help young players to grow by not allowing them to skip the process..

Raw talent- This phrase really excites people. People look at players and see how good they are early on in life and start making predictions about where they will be without knowing the persons character traits. Making presumptuous judgements about young people/players can stunt or be a detriment to their growth. I have witnessed players have success early and stop developing. Taking a cake out out the oven to early, will cause it to fall.

Young players need a picture painted that shows them the way to be the version of themselve. This takes parents, coaches, community members to be conscientious about their word choice. Anyone working with young people should use language that’s constructive and not destructive. Constructive language will lead younger players to see the value in what characteristics makes them or someone else good at something. Such as “ I love seeing you work hard or i see you consistently show up to be your best everyday.” I believe this kind of feedback helps player/person not rely on their raw talent but fuels them to see the right work habits are necessary parts of their development.


Tatum’s tips to help players mature their talent?

1. Players-Listen to your coaches and be open to constructive feedback. You may not like the honesty now but you will respect it later.

2. Players-Build more on your strengths and develop your weaknesses. Spend more time developing your strengths!

3. Players-Remember mistakes are lessons, not the final chapter. You get to write the script.

4. Players-Your preparation needs to be enjoyed more than the games or outcomes .Fall in love with process this will take you much further.

5. Parents- Give your child time after games to process the game alone.

6. Parents-Help them recognize the difference between winning and losing. When a child gives their best effort, worked hard, competed, and respected the game it must be recognized.

7. Parents-Keep the conversation constructive. Make sure you as parents paint the picture for them to see the value of passion, preparation, and professionalism to help them become proven.


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Deonte Tatum


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