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The Way you Play is the Way you Live!

Are you playing the way you live? If you’re unfamiliar with this concept keep reading. Basketball is game that requires more than just talent and certainly more than just luck. Players who become successful make the choice everyday to be their absolute best. They understand that consistency trumps convenience and that remaining steady gets you to your goals when you don’t quit. There’s no substitution for hard work and there no reward like the satisfaction you feel after desiring something and achieving it. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that there’s some magic pill that will transform you or your game. Show up, do the work enthusiastically, give it your absolute best, and live with the results. Just like like in life you get what you earn, basketball is no different. Here are few tips that will help you play the way you live And live the way you play.

1. Be intentional about the work you do everyday.

2. Stay steadfast as you passionately pursue your dreams.

3. Don’t ride the wave be the force that creates it.

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-Deonte Tatum


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