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Value Every Opportunity! Written by Deonte Tatum

How many opportunities will you have? It can be very easy to step on to the court or training facility and take it for granted. Young players in particular think that the next shot or game is guaranteed. Good players can look down on there competition or teammates and become complacent. This is where separation happens.

I have been in the gym with players who will show up right when it’s time for practice or a game and it takes them forever to get going. The workout or game is moving to fast and results in poor performance. At this point you have to wonder, does this player realize that the opportunity to get better or play this game is important to them. Why would you not show up early, go through your dynamic warmup and be prepared to work?

The game takes care of those who treat and respect the game the right way. Part of valuing the opportunity of the game is taking care of the little things. Have all of your basketball necessities ready before leaving. the house.Show up after having a healthy meal that provides you energy to. get through the. workout. Start stretching 15-20 minutes before your game or workout. Get every ounce of work that is there for you during your time on the court. At the end of every session/game know that you are physically and mentally given everything you got. Ask questions to gain a deeper understanding of a skill, offensive or defensive concept. The people around you have have so much experience that they are looking to share.

Remember its better to not have an opportunity, than to have an Opportunity and not take advantage of it!



SEE on the COURT.

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