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Why we Love 3 v 3 Basketball

You can play every aspect of the game when you play 3v3 basketball. Kids are able to work on skills they have been practicing in the drive way or in the gym in an enviroment that encourages them to take risk, fail, learn and grow. Oftentimes when you play 5 on 5 basketball players get to hide and allow teamates who are more skilled take all the shots or dribble all the time to make plays. Playing 3v3 gets you more repetitions because there are fewer players to pass and shot the ball,

What are the different aspects of the game that can be worked on when you play 3v3 basketball. Basketball in its simplest form is simple. Can you dribble and make a lay-up with both of your hands? When you set a screen for your teammate to get open you learn to realize that you're more open than your teammate. Being able to play in space and drive by your defender without a lot of help defense. Vice versa staying in front of your man on defense without help is essential to winning in basketball. If you don't do the small things like hustle to loose balls or boxout your team has fewer possessions. In high school, college, and professional basketball every possession is important.

Lets explore why its important for players to use emerging skills in real game situations. We have been in the gym and watched. players be afraid of shooting the. basketball in the game even though they have taken this shot hundreds of times in practice. As a parent all you want to see is for child to develop self confidence and believe in the work they are putting in. A lot times young players just need what we call "small wins". Small wins are whene kids are attempting and beginning to execute micro skills. Little Johnny starts to dribble with his left hand, little Johnny shoots his first three pointer and it looks good when it leaves his hand. All of these small things lead to big things when you play 3v3 basketball.

Our Fall 3v3 league registration is open through October 16th. You can register as a free. agent for $65(single player) or a team(4 players) for only $239. Register at




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