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Your heart should never be questioned! By Deonte Tatum

Fewer and fewer players today have what we call Heart! Growing up I watched great players lay everything on the line to win games. When players lost the pain and anguish remained and rang louder than the school bell after lunch. Losing a line drill, rebounding drill, one on one defensive drill in practice should be unacceptable if your desire is to be a great player. Everyone in the gym should know who wants it the most.

Winners have heart. Watching Kawaii Leonard dive on the floor for a loose ball sends chills through my spine. Why? Because he never wants his heart to be questioned. Kawaii understands that it’s up to him to get the most out of him. Draymond Green is another good example of someone who has heart. On most game nights Draymond is matched up against someone four or five inches tall and 30-40 pounds heavier than him. Even though he’s labeled as undersized his heart Screams ”I won’t be out worked, I won’t be intimidated, I’m bringing the fight to you.”

Everyone loves playing with someone who’s going to lay it all on the line every night . On the flip side no one wants to play with someone who doesn’t believe that giving 100% of themselves to game is important. The little things matters, the player who plays with great energy, passion, hustle improves the chances of winning every night. A player’s impact on the game might go unnoticed to someone who doesn’t understand why teams win championships but those of us who are winners appreciate everything Heart contributes to the great game of basketball.

Tatum Question’ Everything

1. Are some players born with Heart and others not?

2. Can heart be taught?

3.What does having heart mean to you.

4. Do you have Heart?

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