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Ball handling, shooting, full + half court defense, scoring in transition, and more!


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Lock in your 8 session group package that will take you from where you’re at to where you want to be!

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With our advanced training elevating your game to new levels! 

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Our reaction-based drills are proven to develop your basketball instinct and help you play with more flow.



Tatum is a professional, very serious about his craft and his product. He diagnoses my daughter's basketball game and pays diligence to crafting workouts that meet her individual needs. He also is detail oriented and does not allow my daughter to take short cuts or sell herself short.


Coach Tatum is the ultimate professional. He is passionate about the game, he's extremely knowledgeable, patient and dedicated. He trains my daughter for basketball, and I have noticed some tremendous gains; most notably in her ball handling skills, her court awareness, and in her overall skills development. What I'm most impressed with, is his ability to recognize her emotions, strengths and weaknesses and motivate her accordingly. He set defined goals, expressed these goals clearly, and acknowledges her success. Definitely one of the best.